Researchers from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have come up with a revolutionary bio-medical imaging tool. The HT-1 was brought to life with the brilliance of Professor YongKeun Park and his research team. Park and his team was given the chance to collaborate with TomoCube's R&D team to produce a holographic microscope that would be able to allow a real-time label-free visualization of biological cells and tissues.

It is an optical analogy of X-ray computed tomography that shares the same physical principle as the HT- the inverse of wave shattering.This powerful device allows users to effectively investigate the intrinsic properties of biological cells in a harmless manner. The HT-1 is currently the best of its kind regarding functionality and specifications. According to KAIST, the measurement of multiple 2D holograms of a cell, coupled with various angles of laser illuminations, the 3D refractive index (RI) distribution of the cell can be reconstructed. Kaist also states that the reconstructed 3D RI map provides structural and chemical information of the cell including mass, morphology, protein concentration, and dynamics of the cellular membrane.

With the HT-1 being the best of its class, it will come to be a highly beneficial tool when observing live images of cells without fixing or coating them in any way

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