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To Launch Innovative Solutions for Global Apparel and Textile Industry

The Japan International Apparel Machinery Trade Show will be held from 6th April to 9th April ,is home to a wide variety of products that includes textile machineries, clothing machineries, textile machine accessories, clothing and garment machine accessories, machine parts and tools and much more. It is an excellent platform to launch and promote new products and services and provide awesome time to all. The event is also an ideal platform where the best of business partnerships are developed and both visitors and exhibitors enjoy great interaction and communication.

Aiming to contribute to the development of apparel and sewing industries, attracting advanced high-quality exhibits, spanning the period 1984 to 2012, responsive to changing technology and circumstances, Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA) have provided ten editions as JIAM International Apparel Machinery Trade Show.

Trade show spanning all varieties of processing for apparel and industrial textiles

11th edition,JIAM 2016 OSAKA will encompass both apparel industry and textile industry as a whole in including non-apparel sectors and segments such as automotive, upholstery, outdoor & lifestyle goods and up-coming industrial textile goods. It will be showing the latest technologies and innovative new products related to the whole of the sewing industry, apparel manufacturing, and textile processing. Therefore, show title from 11th edition is being extended to "Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show”.
Under the show theme – Innovative Solutions & Advanced Processing Technology – JIAM 2016 OSAKA will showcase IT, both as Information Technology and as Innovative Technology. Presenting both the latest hardware and software in a place to view the most advanced products from the whole wide world; this is a complete trade show where the focus is on doing real business.

A place to meet “New Business Partners”

Apparel and textile business associations, government agencies, machinery manufacturing groups, research and educational institutions, and other related organizations are all supporting JIAM 2016 OSAKA. During the show, right across the range of the sewing-related sector, besides valuable deepening and broadening of communications between exhibitors and trade visitors, there will be plenty of opportunities to discover innovative solutions, to encounter business partners. JIAM 2016 OSAKA is recognized as an indispensable platform for business, a key international trade fair for both exhibitors and visitors.

Parallel shows with linked industries

To accommodate the scale of JIAM 2016 OSAKA, Halls 2, 3, 4, and 5 of INTEX OSAKA have been reserved.
Moreover, to activate greater synergy between trade visitors and exhibitors, organizations from textiles, fashion,supplies & accessories, and other related segments are being encouraged to simultaneously hold an Apparel and Textile Industry Trade Show.

Exhibition being held during the beautiful season of flowering cherries

JIAM 2016 OSAKA is scheduled for early April, a time when cherry blossom graces textile city Osaka.
Overseas visitors will be able to derive business and professional benefits from the exhibition and, after hours, have wonderful opportunities to fully enjoy the history and culture of Japan.
Thus, from right across the range of business, whatever your rank or posi tion, you are cordially invited to JIAM 2016 OSAKA, a renewed global trade fair for global apparel and sewing industries.


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