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World Children Expo

INDIA 14/05/2016 14th May - 15th May

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World Children Expo is a 2 day event being held from 14th May to the 15th May 2016 at the AMBIENCE MALL in Gurgaon, India. This event showcases product a child’s brain has 8 faculties such as Visual, Naturalistic, Logic, Interpersonal, Intra-personal, Music, Linguistic and Kinesthetics from Baby, Kids & Maternity industry.

Exhibitor Profile

World Children Expo plays host to more than 100 professional exhibiting companies, looking to showcase an extensive array of useful and high quality products and accessories for kids. Chief items of exhibit at the show include animation tools, entertainment services, gaming consoles, digital devices and computer peripherals. Specialty toys, exciting board games, food and beverage items, furniture accessories and stylish kids apparels are also put on exhibit here. Informative magazines and texts are displayed here as well. Several top companies come to exhibit their products at the show, including Cartoon Network and Disney.

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