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Smart Transport India 2016 expo

INDIA 11/05/2016 11th May - 13th May

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1st Smart Transport India 2016 expo to showcase “smart” technology and solutions in electric mobility; batteries and storage systems; electric vehicle charging; intelligent transport; alternate fuels; road traffic systems; smart city public transport systems; skilling; R&D and Make in India. The automotive sector, with a focus on electric vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, self driving and connected cars, has paved the way for advanced and intelligent transport systems in the smart cities across the globe.

The need for electric mobility in India Globally, the automotive industry is passing from an era of the internal combustion engine to electric mobility on account of fast depletion of fossil fuels, increase in fuel cost, and the impact on environment degradation due to climatic change Fossil fuel based transportation is the second largest source of CO2 emission globally.

The transportation sector alone accounts for more than one-third of the total crude oil consumption and road transportation accounts for more than 80% of this consumption. In an emerging economy like India, the urgency to find viable alternatives for sustainable mobility is accentuated by rapid economic development, which is accelerating the demand for transportation in India.

The Government of India has announced a budget of Rs 1,400 crore over the next two years on incentives and subsidies for manufacturers and buyers of electric vehicles to target six million electric vehicles on Indian roads by 2020. To make this a reality, the government has announced a scheme named Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles in India (Fame India)

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