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The Parker Trade Show

USA 08/07/2016 8th July - 10th July

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If you are a buyer of jewelry, gifts or accessories, then this show is for you! It is your chance to buy in a professional, cash and carry, trade-only marketplace. Featuring the latest and greatest trends for 2016, it’s no wonder that the Parker Trade Show is the Number 1-rated wholesale and jewelry show in the southwest!

Exhibitor Profile

The Parker Trade Show features exhibitors of fine jewelry including gold, platinum, sterling silver, diamonds, and pearls. As well there are many booths dedicated to costume jewelry, accessories including wallets and purses, cosmetics and perfume, eye wear and belts and scarves. Aisles of women’s and children’s clothing are dedicated to classic and contemporary styles. Not to be overlooked we will have home decor and other home goods as well. Fashion shows happen twice a day and balloon drops throughout the day offer exciting promotions inside.

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