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Mining Exploration Convention & Trade Show

INDIA 15/09/2016 15th Sep - 17th Sep

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Mining Exploration Convention & Trade Show is a 3 day event being held from 15th September to the 17th September 2016 in Bangalore, India. This event showcases product from Minerals, Metals & Ores industry. This event showcases product mining, mineral processing, metal making, cement and other mineral, granite, stone, marble and slate etc from Minerals, Metals & Ores industry.

Exhibitor Profile

The participants of Mining Exploration Convention and Trade Show will exhibit the following equipment’s and services, Minerals Bauxite, Copper, Diamond, Iron/Manganese/Chrome Ore, Gold, Silver, PGM, Lead/Zinc and Coal, Mining Machinery Manufacturers, Industrial Hoses, Aerial Ropeways, Air Compressors, Buckets, Doll Bits, Conveyor Belting & Components, Hand Tools, Cranes, Preparation, Train Tipplers, Locomotives, Forklift Trucks, Tunnel boring machines, Hydraulic Excavators, Walking drag Lines, Cranes, Signalling Equipment, Other mining or allied equiments, Wagon Tipplers, High speed mono cable ropeways, Air Transportation Services, Drilling Equipment & Services, Associations, Consulting Services, Governments, Exploration/Mining Companies, Geological Surveys, Exploration/Mining equipment & supplies, Geophysical Services & Equipment, Satellite Communications, Laboratories/Laboratory Suppliers & Analytical Services, Law Firms, Publications, Remote Sensing/Mapping, Research Organizations, Software Companies, Universities/Colleges, Internet Services, .

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