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International Pesticide Fertilizer Show

CHINA 09/06/2016 9th June - 11th June

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International Pesticide Fertilizer Show is a 3 day event being held from 9th June to the 11th June 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in Pudong, China. This event showcases products like Water-soluble fertilizer, slow / controlled release fertilizer, seaweed fertilizer, humic acid, amino acid fertilizer, microbial fertilizeInsecticides, fungicides, herbicides and other chemical pesticides and intermediates, synthetic pesticides, Sprayer, duster, processor soil, seed processor, sprinkle granules, etc., human (manual) mechanical plant protection etc. in the Agriculture & Forestry, Chemicals & Dyes industries.

Exhibitor Profile

More than 500 exhibitors of International Pesticide Fertilizer Show will exhibit the latest and advanced products and services including compound microbial inoculants compound microbial fertilizer, plant growth regulators, micronutrient fertilizer, amino acid fertilizer, straw, garbage rotten agent, special features microbial agents, controlled, sustained release of new fertilizers, bio organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, plants steady-state nutrition fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer, additives, seaweed fertilizer, new type of fertilizer raw materials, formulations, additives, fertilizer production equipment, soil testing equipment, packaging equipment, filling equipment, waterproof anti corrosion technology, the residue tester, packaging, plate making technology, the salivation composite, vacuum forming, the composite flexible bag, bronzing, printing and slitting production technology, integrated water and fertilizer technology, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, acaricides, rodenticides, plant growth regulators, insect growth regulators, environmental protection and pesticides, pesticide raw materials and preparations, additives and other organic materials, organic intermediates, industrial gases, elemental acids, pesticide machinery, plant protection equipment, spray equipment, pesticide manufacturing of packaging products and equipment, filling equipment, testing equipment.

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