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China Guangzhou Roof, Facade & Waterproofing Exhibition

CHINA 13/05/2016 13th May - 15th May

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China (Guangzhou) Roof, Facade & Waterproofing Exhibition is a 3 day event being held from 13th May to the 15th May 2016 at the Guangzhou Poly World Center in Guangzhou, China. This event showcases products like Roof China is a place of adventure for who want to start their business, and a place of discovery for who need some fresh ideas. In a word, it is an event you can not miss always etc. in the Architecture & Designing, Building Construction industries.

Exhibitor Profile

Roof & Facade, Waterproof Materials, Membrane, Coating, etc, Sealing Material Including silicone, polysulfide, polyurethane, asphalt-based sealant, etc, Planted Roof Products / Systems Engineering/Green Roof, Thermal Insulation Material, Roofing & Facade Technology and System, Roofing Tiles, Components & Accessories.

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