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China Homelife Show India

INDIA 13/12/2016 13th Dec - 15th Dec

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Defined as a significant event, China Homelife Show India will surely attract more than 1000 suppliers who will be displaying 20,000 quality products from China at reasonable rates. There are eight notable segments which are about to get clear focus here and those are home electronics, mother and baby products, textile and garments, kitchen and bathroom, furniture, home appliance, lighting and lamp and gift items. There are certain other concurrent events as well, which will make this event a must attend podium for all. Thus, this field is surely going to attract a large sector of visitors from various corners of the world.

Exhibitor Profile

Nearly 1000 Chinese Top Suppliers are cordially invited to take active part in this area and they will talk about some significant sectors such as furniture, home appliances, textiles and garments, kitchen and bathroom, baby and mother care, home commodity, light and lamps and last but not the least, home furnishings. Some products here are Fine chemical industry, water treatment agent, The steel structure, Paper tube machinery, Excavator parts, valve, Stainless steel and leather products, Capacitor contactor, Industrial machinery and equipment, Hydraulic machinery, The paper cup machine, Machine tool, Tipping paper, packaging film, Packaging film blowing machine and more.

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