Robots are slowly starting to take over. As technology continues to pave its way for the future, robots are starting to become more of a reality. Analytical robots Adam and Eve, the more sophisticated robots, are now being developed at centers of excellence to give a helping hand in the human workforce. To test Adam's intelligence, he was assigned to investigate the functional genomics of yeast, which he succeeded.

While Adam and Eve are currently under development, there are other talented robots that are functioning in many laboratories across the world. These robots execute tasks in a fast and timely manner, and surpassing human abilities. Tasks such as micro-plate handling and drug discovery screening is being handled by robots. In addition, humans would no longer have to put themselves at risk when performing a harmful task.

But with all great things, there is always something amidst. After screen testing these robots long enough, researches have discovered some unfortunate flaws that may cause some trouble. Issues such as limited error recovery abilities, unstable robotic operation, and protracted transfer from manual to automated methods started to become apparent from the screening. It seems like the time for robots to take over hasn't come just yet.

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