FUJIFILM SonoSite is releasing in the U.S. and Europe its new SonoSite SII compact ultrasound system following both FDA approval and receipt of the CE Mark. The device mounts to standard carts or to a wall, depending on the application, taking up about as much space as a typical computer monitor.

It’s intended for regional anesthesia, vascular access, and various applications in the emergency department with a focus on ease of use and quick turnover between different patient cases. It can have two different transducers connected at the same time, with easy switching between the two via the touchscreen display. The interface also adapts to the type of case that the ultrasound is being used for.

Additionally, the transducers feature DirectClear technology that FUJIFILM SonoSite claims provides better image quality and deeper penetration compared to competing systems.

Some more details according to the SonoSite SII brochure:
Through a dual flex and thin lens design, combined with new advancements in image optimization, the HFL38xi was engineered for increased penetration, clarity, and color sensitivity. You can now better visualize nerves and vessels, whether it be for procedural guidance or flow analysis.

Improved penetration and contrast resolution: Unlike conventional SonoSite transducers, a more efficient material has been embedded into the design that allows for the generation of more acoustic signal. In parallel, a reflective layer has been added to reduce the loss of this signal, as it is transmitted into the patient.

An additional layer has been added to provide a better acoustic match between the transducer and the patient, increasing the ability to resolve small structures and aid in your diagnostic confidence.

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