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Medisafe, a company with offices in Boston, MA and Haifa, Israel is releasing a new smart pill management system that keeps tabs on when you take your meds and reminds you when you don’t. The Medisafe iConnect lets you choose to use the Bluetooth equipped iCap, that screws onto regular pill bottles instead of the original caps, or the iSort weekly pill organizer that also talks to your smartphone or tablet over a Bluetooth wireless connection.

The devices recognize when the pills have been accessed and make not of that. This is uploaded to the Medisafe app that shares it with family members and your physician via the cloud. You can create a schedule for all your pills on the app and when it’s time to take them it will remind you on your phone and if you miss the schedule, that can also be shared with others on your list.

The iCap will cost $20 while the iSort is $50 and both come with the free app.


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