JFW-IFF is an exhibition with a strong presence in Japan since 2000, organized by Senken Shimbun, which is a major publisher for supporting fashion business. Approximately 450 fashion-related companies exhibit, Around 18,000 visitors including retail buyers and professionals visit over the course of the show's three days.
Since 2008, it also became the core operation of Japan Fashion Week in TOKYO (JFW). That week is promoted by the Fashion Strategy Forum, which is made up of Japan's major fashion organizations and professionals. Thus JFW was added to the exhibition's name.
It helps fashion products throughout Japan to be distributed in Japan's domestic market, and also serves as a platform targeting overseas markets.

JFW-IFF will improve the content of the trade show, expanding it to become “a trade show for vitalising fashion business” and “a trade show to give both exhibitors and visitors more energy”. IFF is the only trade show in Japan focusing on high-quality womenswear and menswear. It will continue to gather items and brands centring on “high-quality womenswear and menswear fashion” with the added “Made in Japan Brand” and the “Sustainable Fashion” to the show, and will promote the charm of fashion to those both within and outside Japan. Simultaneously, JFW-IFF will further improve its trademark as “a fashion trade show hosted by a newspaper specialised in reporting on the Japanese market and the trends of the world fashion business.” By doing this, we aim to develop the trade show into a space not just for business discussions, but a space in which both exhibitors and visitors can grasp the changing times and up-coming prospects through seminars and events; and which will boost the vitality of both exhibitors and visitors.

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