Intelligent-Control-Inhaler3M-inhaler3M is releasing a new smart inhaler designed to improve compliance among patients with COPD and to deliver the medication in a more controlled manner. The 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler has an electronic display that provides instructions to the user to make sure the device is used properly.

It records every time it is used, and not just its activation, but whether the patient actually does an inhalation. An internal mechanism controls the release of the medication so that a steady, well-measured dose is delivered even if the patient’s inhalation profile changes. Additionally the device records this inhalation profile that may be clinically useful for evaluating patients. All this data is processed in  an accompanying smartphone app that can share this data with family members and the patient’s physician.

“We’ve done a tremendous amount of research during the development of this technology with patients, health care providers, and payers,” said Dr Steven Wick, Technical Director, 3M Drug Delivery Systems in a prepared statement. “With 60 years of experience in inhalation technologies, and 30 years in health information systems, 3M is uniquely qualified to bring forth a solution that is a definitive win for each of these stakeholders. Nothing has worked to improve inhaler technique over the past 25 years – and here we have a connected device to improve both competence AND adherence. The need for a smarter solution has never been greater, and 3M intends to put greater control of respiratory disease into the hands of patients, health care providers and payers.”



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