Canada Universities and Colleges Admissions Workshop Ahmedabad is a 1 day event being held on 15th April 2016 at the Hotel Radisson Blu in Ahmedabad, India. This event showcases like various courses including mba & other specialist business courses in australia, masters programs in australia, science & engineering in australia, computing & information technology in australia, art & design courses in australia, medicine & nursing courses in australia etc. in the Education & Training industry.

About The Official Organisers Of The Canadian Universities And Colleges Admissions Workshop Canam Consultants Lt


India's leading advisor on Canadian Education has successfully conducted 16 major Canadian Universities and Colleges Admission Workshops across India and the UK since April 07 till date with the official participation of delegates from Canadian public funded universities and colleges. The event this year starts with the New Delhi location to help domestic and International students looking for options to study in Canada. This event is NOT for admissions for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

The company has developed close associations with various persons in the field of academics including students, parents, education administrators, institute heads and the associated industry i.e. educational loan providers and international travel service companies all of whom would attend, participate, or benefit from this event.
The company has an experienced team of professionals who are fully equipped and trained to conduct education and career fairs which in the past have been attended by 1000's of visitors. Each city selected for the fair has a Canam office with trained staff to follow up and support the student enquiries efficiently after your marketing team moves onto other fair locations. So, this event has grown from strength to strength and the number of students and participating universities that have benefited from this event is growing.


Benefits For:

1. Attending students:


  • Choose from a range of institutes
  • Speak directly to the University delegates
  • Save time with Fast track / Spot admissions
  • Discuss CO-OP, Scholarships, etc
  • Seek expert visa guidance
  • Receive global career advice
  • Save money on application fees
  • Entry free for Registered students

    2. Participating Universities and Colleges:


  • Recruit quality students twice a year from across the UK- both Domestic and International
  • Indian students are very familiar with this concept and await this event twice a year- April and Sept
  • Students are pre-registered, pre-counselled and are aware of the programs that you are offering.
  • Students come prepared with documents to apply for admissions
  • Admissions process is fast tracked as application fees are waived off and you can do spot-assessments in most cases.
  • Satisfaction levels are gauged by the number of applications generated for your university and not just people visiting which is what happens in most fairs!
  • School principals, counselors, parents, and other influential people visit these events and your presence has a brand impact on them
  • and much more.... if you write to us, we will discuss customized options for you as well!

    3. Canadian Government officials

    Are you a Director, International Education in the Ministry of Advanced Education of a Canadian province? This event should be on your calendar!

  • Your presence at the workshops in UK and India would help the educational institutions in your province to be branded as quality education destinations among International students.
  • Honorable Premier Christy Clark from the BC province visited India in November2011. Referring to the quality of Indian students, the minister was very keen on promoting the BC institutes in India and other developed countries among the premier Canadian education and skill training providers in BC.
  • Similarly the other provinces too are seeking potential opportunities and would be developing the provincial international education marketing strategy. Information about your provincial immigration programs including those focused on International graduates could be well disseminated at this platform.
  • And it certainly helps that Canam conducts this major student recruitment drive in the UK and across India for studying in Canadian insititutes and the institutes actively participate in this admissions workshop twice a year. Anuraj Sandhu, Sr VP at Canam, is a Canadian and is also an ICCRC registered member.



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