Big tech-giant/innovator Apple has announced the release of their new CareKit program. The Carekit program contains digital health tools that will allow users to monitor their health. CareKit has the ability to share information with doctors or nurses, and they are intended to help and motivate people to keep track of their health.

The open-source development platform of CareKit is set to release with four basic modules. These modules will further help users be adjacent with their care plans in terms of being reminded of taking medication or completing physical therapy exercises. Another key feature of the modules is that it will come incorporated with a post-surgical care app that allows users to keep track of post-surgical needs. The implementation of this will benefit post-surgical patients immensely and leverages off mental stress as well.

A “Symptom and Measurement Tracking” module will also be applied. This means that users will be able to record their symptoms and their current status in terms of how they're feeling. Temperature changes, levels of infections or measuring pain, or fatigue can be over-watched through a log that pertains quantitative data of what has been recorded. Symptoms can be kept track of through multiple channels: photos, surveys, progression of activities, etc.

Additionally, Apple has claimed that users will also be able to obtain a better understanding of Parkinson's disease through CareKit. The app helps researchers diagnose and better understand Parkinson's disease by using the gyroscope and other iPhone features to measure dexterity, balance, gait and memory. Researchers have gained greater insight into the factors that make symptoms better or worse, such as sleep, exercise and mood. They hope to now extend the benefit of the research using the CareKit modules.

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