Reigning from Case Western Reserve University In Cleveland, Ohio, a team of brilliant minded physicists and engineers have recently developed an optical biosensor that has the power to detect certain types of cancer.

It might seem like a basic alternative to another type of treatment such as a biopsy, but it really isn't. According to the team of physicists and engineers, this device will be able to detect cancer cells miles before they even cause damage. This means that it will give us time to prepare for it in advance and treat it to the best of our abilities before it gets any worse.

The device is portable enough to place it on one's hand, and it has also been created to assist oncologists with a better way of discovering  a single molecule of enzyme that is produced by circulating cancer cells. It's nano-structured materials are far superior than the previous devices, and researched have stated that this device may also be useful in diagnosing other diseases as well.

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