Nearly 6 years ago, a man named Ian Burkhart got himself into an accident that would change his life forever. Burkhart had broken his neck from a diving incident when he was a freshman in college, and it left his legs and arms paralyzed as a result. Fortunately, with technology advancing so quickly, paralyzation can now be reduced- an electronic device that bypasses the spinal cord and reconnecting itself to the brain has now been created.

This astonishing device operates by allowing the patient to use his thoughts and brain signals to directly control a paralyzed limb. It molds software that learns and decodes brain activity with a high-definition muscle stimulation sleeve that transmits new signals to the paralyzed limb.

Ian was fortunate enough to be one of the few selected candidates to undergo this test, as it has allowed him to improve his level of motor functions and hand movements. With the help of this amazing device, Ian has been able to access to 6 different wrist and hand movements, including movements such as picking up objects and forming a fist with his hand. Today, he can manipulate objects and even move his fingers on their own accord to play a guitar video game.

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