The normal standard to investigate a cancer would be a couple of blood and urine tests followed by a possible biopsy. Biopsies may be a great way of figuring out whether or not a patient has cancer, but it isn't the safest nor the best.

With the intention of finding a better alternative, a microscope that has the capabilities of detecting cancer cells is being developed. It will serve as a live diagnostic tool that will be used for imaging cells underneath the surface of the skin or exposed tissue without harming any part of it. The device functions with the assistance of a couple of miniature sized mirrors and optimal beams to zoom in and quickly create image scans at the cellular and subcellular level. Researchers that are developing this incredible microscope have said that it can image mobile blood cells at 16 fps, which is quite amazing.

Furthermore, the device is being developed based on the needs of hospitals might prefer it. Hopefully, the microscope will become a success so that patients in the future will be given a better and safer alternative to detecting whether or not they possess cancer cells.

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